HR Professionals: A Primary Care Doctor for School District Organizational Health


This article was written by Adam Taylor. Adam is a Vice President here at K12 HR Solutions and manages our projects related to employee compensation and benefits and organizational effectiveness. We are providing an organizational health assessment with this article. You can request this free resource using the link below.     Let’s face it. We live in a world … [Read more...]

9 Ways Micro Credentials Could Make Huge Changes in Your School District

This is one of the most informative podcasts we've recorded. This month we focus on the topic of micro credentials and feature Wisconsin's Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Patricia Deklotz of the Kettle Moraine School District.  I was first introduced Kettle Moraine's efforts in micro credentials in the November issue of School Administrator. Micro credentials may seem like the next fad in … [Read more...]

I Don’t Think You’re Ready to be a Principal: How to Maintain Relationships After Professional Rejection

Ready to be a principal

Spring is just around the corner and principal positions will be posted in school districts across the country. For every principal position posted and awarded, there are many aspiring school leaders who are not selected.  Difficult conversations with teachers are challenging (which explains why many school leaders prefer to avoid them altogether).  They are even more challenging when teachers … [Read more...]

What District Leaders Should Know About Veterans’ Preference in School Districts

Vet Preference Cover Image

Each November school districts across the country host programs to teach students to honor veterans for their service.  For many districts, depending on their state laws, honoring and recognizing the service of veterans doesn’t wait until November.  Veterans' Preference in school districts allows districts to recognize veterans in human resource decisions throughout the year. Too often though, … [Read more...]

New FLSA Update for School Districts

Changes to FLSA for School Districts

      On this episode of the K12 HR Solutions Podcast I'll discuss: Changes from the Department of Labor that will take effect December 1, 2016 Exemptions under FLSA and which ones are more likely to affect school districts How these changes will likely impact school districts How school districts can prepare for new changes to FLSA A free resource to … [Read more...]

Should Districts Use Personality Tests to Hire Teachers?

personality tests used to hire teachers

    If your district is considering using personality tests to hire teachers, take a few moments to read through this article and consider if personality tests are a good fit for your hiring practices.  While school leaders want to ensure they are hiring the most qualified staff members, you may find that personality tests aren't as useful as they appear to be. Imagine for a … [Read more...]

8 Strategies to Improve Onboarding for Teachers

onboarding for teachers logo

Do extra efforts in the first several months of courtship help relationships last longer?  Or, should someone entering a new relationship simply rely on spontaneity and allow fate take over? No this isn’t an article about dating. It is about the beginning of the employee/ employer relationship in school districts.  More specifically, I want to focus on effective onboarding for teachers. We … [Read more...]

A Budget Storm is Coming. Is Your District Ready for FLSA Changes?

A budget and compliance storm affecting employment classification and wages has been brewing for over a year and it will finally arrive on December 1, 2016. At the end of this article we are providing a free resource to help school districts prepare for FLSA changes. In the spring of 2015 President Obama directed the Secretary of Labor to update the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to reflect … [Read more...]

It’s Not Fair!: Do Perceptions of Fairness Matter in School District Hiring Practices?

download box

(Use the link above to download a free resource to help your district develop fair and reliable teacher hiring processes)   Strategically speaking, the goal of any school district hiring process should be to filter, identify, and select the most qualified applicants for open positions in a valid and reliable manner.  However, the effectiveness of school district hiring practices does … [Read more...]

What School Districts Can Learn from Google’s Hiring Practices: Mistakes and Successes in Employee Selection

hiring practices for teachers

At the end of this article I am providing a free sample of a structured behavioral question with a sample scoring guide.  These tools were developed after we completed a full job analysis for a school district for the job classification of certified teacher.  We recommend that schools who are interested in improving their selection practices for teachers use the samples as a guideline only. Actual … [Read more...]