9 Ways Micro Credentials Could Make Huge Changes in Your School District

This is one of the most informative podcasts we've recorded. This month we focus on the topic of micro credentials and feature Wisconsin's Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Patricia Deklotz of the Kettle Moraine School District.  I was first introduced Kettle Moraine's efforts in micro credentials in the November issue of School Administrator. Micro credentials may seem like the next fad in … [Read more...]

What District Leaders Should Know About Veterans’ Preference in School Districts

Vet Preference Cover Image

Each November school districts across the country host programs to teach students to honor veterans for their service.  For many districts, depending on their state laws, honoring and recognizing the service of veterans doesn’t wait until November.  Veterans' Preference in school districts allows districts to recognize veterans in human resource decisions throughout the year. Too often though, … [Read more...]

New FLSA Update for School Districts

Changes to FLSA for School Districts

      On this episode of the K12 HR Solutions Podcast I'll discuss: Changes from the Department of Labor that will take effect December 1, 2016 Exemptions under FLSA and which ones are more likely to affect school districts How these changes will likely impact school districts How school districts can prepare for new changes to FLSA A free resource to … [Read more...]

Digesting Cheesecake Factory Professional Development with Guest Ross Cooper

Planning Professional Development

      Effective and meaningful professional development for school districts seldom happens by chance.  However, recent movements in professional development are relying more on choice and chance. Does your district use a "Genius Hour" or "Ed Camp" model for professional development? Find out how largely relying on these models for professional development in school … [Read more...]

A Lapsed Anarchist’s Views on School Leadership: Insights on Customer Service, Change Management, and Employee Engagement

change management for school districts

School leaders are often looking for effective ways to manage change and improve customer service to internal staff and to the patrons the district serves.  We decided to reach out to a small business owner who is renowned for his businesses' performance in customer service and bottom up innovation.  In this episode of the K12 HR Solutions Podcast, I interview Ari Weinzweig, Co-Owner and Founding … [Read more...]

How Changes to Overtime Laws Will Affect School Districts: Podcast Episode 4

Changes to FLSA for School Districts

On this podcast we discuss how changes to overtime laws will affect school districts.  The Department of Labor has recommended drastic changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) wage and hour laws and I brought on Adam Taylor, Co-Founder and Vice President at K12 HR Solutions to discuss how changes to overtime laws will affect school districts. If you prefer to read about these changes, you … [Read more...]

How to Use Exit Surveys in School Districts: Podcast Episode 3

exit surveys for teachers

Does the employment of teachers and staff members in your district sometimes feel like a revolving door? What are the factors related to teacher turnover in your district and how school district superintendents and principals measure and influence those factors?   In this podcast episode we discuss how to use exit surveys in school districts.  We discuss factors every school leader … [Read more...]

Leading and Managing Change in Schools with Guest Eric Sheninger

This month's podcast episode features former principal, educational technology thought leader, and Twitter rock star Eric Sheninger.  Eric discusses how he was able to bring about change in the high school he led, despite challenging circumstances and how school leaders across the country can develop the right mindset to lead the change they want to see in their district. If you are leading and … [Read more...]

8 Effective Strategies to Recruit Teachers This Spring: (And is Strategy #5 an Acceptable Strategy)??


If you are recruiting teachers it's important to make sure you are using effective hiring practices. We are providing a free resource to help you ensure you are using fair and reliable hiring processes.  As we discuss in our last strategy, hiring effective teachers is one of your best recruiting tools. This packet of resources provides: A best practice guide to managing perceptions of … [Read more...]