360 Feedback Surveys



Are you measuring your key stakeholders opinions on factors that important to your district?  360 feedback surveys aggregate insights from parents, staff members, and students and provides a comprehensive picture highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the district (according to stakeholder perceptions).  We conduct statistical analysis on each stakeholder group and then analyze the feedback of all three groups to provide school districts with a report card of what parents, staff, and students think the district is doing well and what developmental opportunities exist.  This powerful tool can help breakdown barriers to change by contrasting different stakeholders opinions on the same questions and then providing each stakeholder group with feedback on how well they are helping the district reach their goals in key areas.  If you are looking for a resource that can capture the sentiments of the most important groups your district serves and then provide a road map on how the district can connect with those groups, give our 360 feedback survey a try.


360 Surveys for Teachers